L’arte dell’estetica

Body Plaza Europe would like to introduce this salon to you :

L’arte dell’estetica in Veghel is the beauty salon led by Ineke Persoon, who has been active in the industry all her working life . She approaches beauty from her admiration of the interior of the human body. “I find it fascinating how the body is controlled by all kinds of processes. That is also the basis of our treatments. And of course personal attention and hospitality are central to us. ”

The Salon
L’arte dell’estetica is also called Beauty Salon Veghel and is one of the largest in the Veghel area. L’arte dell’estetica is a modern all-round salon with an extensive program of treatments and products. The team of four fully qualified and specialized employees has the most innovative equipment that produces demonstrable results and, above all, is safe.

The salon is located at Dorshout 6D at the end of the built-up area of Veghel. It is a traffic-calmed, outgoing road towards a wooded area. There is ample parking space around the salon and there is peace to be able to enter the salon discreetly. Inside there is a reception room / reception where you are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before the treatment and to orient yourself on the various beauty products.

Owner Ineke Persoon


– Sophisticated in beauty

Ineke Persoon is literally world-wise when it comes to beauty. She knows that a tanned skin is not desirable in Japan and that in an Arab culture, the use of water is avoided in beauty treatments. “I gained that knowledge because I worked for years in large beauty salons in The Hague, where the employees of embassies were customers. They all had their own view on the correct beauty treatment from their culture. Every country has its own requirements. This has ensured that I am creative and always deal with customers with an open mind.

– 1995: own salon in Veghel
She took that experience with her when she started her own salon in 1995 under the name Beauty care Hawkyard. In 2008 the name was changed to L’arte dell’estetica. In 2014, she invested in cryolipolysis equipment, increasing her customer base by 150 customers in two months. That growth led her to move to a home with more spacious business space where she could expand the range of treatment types. By continuing to invest in innovative equipment and products, the most extensive salon in the region has been created in the new building.

Vision: Cosmedical treatments


– Treatment process
For the treatment methods, L’arte dell’estetica uses advanced and extensively tested equipment and creams that have been developed from medical knowledge of natural body processes.

“We call that cosmedical . It must be based on the knowledge of the body and our medical knowledge. We always start the process with a facial treatment with a scan of the skin. We then measure, among other things, the pigment, sebum production and hydration. It is different for everyone. Based on that diagnosis, we can treat the face with the appropriate creams. These are products that are not for sale at the drugstore or perfumery, because they contain high concentrations of active ingredients. We are allowed to sell and use them, because we know what the effects of the resources can be. We often get the comment that our treatments and resources do have results. ”

– Natural body processes
Demonstrable results are achieved at L’arte dell’estetica through innovative treatments based on the natural body processes. “It’s not just about beauty, it’s also about health. Beauty is literally on the inside. The body is so beautiful in itself, in terms of processes. I find it fascinating how everything in the body is controlled. You can maintain your body well with healthy food and exercise that support the body processes. I also assume that for beauty treatments. By supporting and stimulating the physical processes you can focus on healing and healing and thus promote beauty. “

– Personal attention
A beauty treatment is also a moment of personal attention at L’arte dell’estetica. Customers can entrust their physical discomforts in a safe environment (privacy) to a team of in-house specialists.

“We have everything in our own hands in our salon. We carry out the treatments we offer with our own equipment and with a team of permanent employees. We can do everything ourselves. Of course I am proud of that, but it also has a reason. We know our customers and know how to use the equipment and resources for the best results. ”

“I invest in equipment and in my employees. Our beauticians are all trained here, know the equipment and know what my vision is. In principle, they can perform all treatments and a few have their specialization. We strive to link a customer to one employee. That creates a bond, which creates trust. In the treatment, but also to be able to tell a story among each other. ”


L’arte dell’estetica | Dorshout 6D | 5462 GL in Veghel | +31 (0) 413 280479 Salon keeper Ineke Persoon info@ruimheidssalonveghel.nl